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What is Danish Paper Cord? What Kind of Danish Cord Weaving do I Have?

Posted by Webmaster on April 6, 2020 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Danish paper cord is the material used to weave typical seats and backs found in many Danish, Scandinavian, and Mid Century Modern furniture designs. The cord is a very strong 3-ply fibre / fiber product. Møller and Wegner seats often use Danish cord in a wrapping or rush weaving style..


Single Rail Danish Cord Seats is when the weaving is one sided and only wraps around a single rung on all sides. From the underside you will see the cord is attached by specialty hook nails.


These Danish cord chairs are single sided however they use staples to attach the cord to the chair frame. There is an extra charge for these chairs to remove the staples and install Danish hook nails where possible.


Double Danish Cord has an extra step in the weaving process where the weaving wraps around two rungs. Photo courtesy of @Louchemilieu


Some mid-century modern designs do not use Danish hook nails to attach the Danish cord to the chair.


Some chairs are woven in the rush pattern using Danish cord material. The rushing pattern Danish Cord mimics traditional rushing with the Danish Cord material. Often these chairs have extensive slots that the Danish Cord must be fed through which makes weaving these seats more labour intensive.



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