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20% Discount on all Hand Woven Cane Repairs Including specialty Caning

Posted by Webmaster on April 10, 2020 at 9:50 AM

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Caning Canada is going to offer a 20% discount on the repair of all hand woven cane surfaces. This discount offer can be applied to Binding cane or rattan weaving, hand caning, Blind or French caning, and pieces with fixed or hanging medallions. I will be offering this discount until I run out of the stand cane I currently have in stock.


If you live outside of the Calgary area please send my a message at or visit my website at for details of how to ship woven seats and backs for weaving repair.


If you are unsure what type of cane weaving you have, please see below for descriptions and photos or visit my website to find out more about cane types and cane care.


Binding Cane / Rattan Weaving

Binding cane sometimes referred to as rattan is used to weave Danish Mid Century Modern furniture. Examples being magazine shelves on teak tables, Hans Olsen rocking chairs, the backs of settees, the joins of pod chairs and what people often refer to as wicker chairs.


Hand Woven Cane – Traditional Seven Step Method

So if the holes go through the frame of the chair or settee and looks like the photo below then you have a hand caned piece woven in the standard pattern.

Other names used for hand caning include strand cane, lace caning, traditional caning, hole to hole caning and natural strand caning.

Blind Hand Cane / French Cane & Double Sided Cane

These all go together because blind caning or French caning is when the holes of a hand caned chair do not go all the way through the chair frame. Each individual strand of cane is cut to size, woven and then glued into the holes. Holes are then pegged to provide the finished piece.

Double Sided Caning is when both sides of the chair or settee frame is caned. Double caned surfaces are also usually blind caned as well.

Hand Caned Medallions Hanging or Fixed woven in the Stannard Seven step Method, the Sunshine, Sunrise or Sunset Pattern

Caned pieces with hanging medallions are woven in the sunshine pattern as the medallion is a separate piece which is support when woven into the piece with cane in either the standard seven step method or the sunshine method.

Medallions can also be fixed at the bottom or the top of the frame or multiple panels within a frame. If the medallion is at the bottom then the piece is woven in sunrise pattern. The rising sun pattern forms a sun ray with tight holes at the bottom of the ray and wider spaced holes along the sides and top of the ray.

If the fixed medallion is at the top of the frame or the panel then the cane is woven in the sunset pattern. These pieces are often blind caned or French caned as well.


Thank you have an awesome day,

Laurie Blake

Caning Canada



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