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Fibre rush woven chair

Fibre rush is a very durable one-ply, twisted paper made to resemble real twisted bull rushes. 

Paper fibre or "fiber reed" was introduced when China had an embargo on rattan reed exportation. 

Paper fibre became the substitute for natural rattan reed. 

Material is wrapped around the four dowels framing the square of a seat creating four triangles.

corner of fibre rush woven chair
fiber rush woven chair
Fibre Rush Furniture Care

On a regular basis use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to clean dirt and dust from the fibre rush seat. Use the brush attachment gently to clean in between the strands of fibre rush. 

Try to clean built-up dirt by scratching the dirt from the surface carefully not to damage the fibre rush material. 

Never use water to clean the fibre rush as it is made from twisted paper. 
Seagrass woven chair repair

Twisted seagrass is a twisted grass. The material is naturally courser then the fibre rush. This material is available as a special order. 

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