Caning Canada Woven Chair Repair
Cane, Rattan, Danish Cord, & Fibre Rush   

Save Your Woven Treasure

Expert Hand-Woven French/Blind & Double-Sided Cane Seat Repairs
Caning Canada

Blind caning / French caning is when the holes of a hand caned chair do not go all the way through the chair frame.

Each individual strand of cane is cut to size, woven and then glued into the holes. Holes are then pegged to provide the finished piece. 

Double-sided caning is when both sides of the chair frame are caned. Double caned surfaces are also usually blind caned as well. Both blind / French caning and double sided cane are extremely labour intensive. 

This settee has a hand caned seat, French / blind double-sided caned arms and a blind caned back. It was lovely when complete.

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