Caning Canada Woven Chair Repair
Cane, Rattan, Danish, Fibre Rush   

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Hand Cane Chair Repair, Caning Canada

Examples of hand cane seats

Hand Cane - Traditional Seven Step Hand Caning (with drilled holes)

Holes are drilled around the perimeter of the chair frame and individual strands of cane are hand woven through the series of drilled holes.  

Hand cane weaving is becoming a lost art performed by only a few craft people in Canada. 

A simple chair can take 20 hours to hand cane

Sometimes people refer to cane as rattan or wicker.

Other names used for hand caning include strand cane, lace caning, traditional caning, hole to hole caning and natural strand caning.

hand cane chair frame showing holes

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what type of caning is on a persons chair when the cane material is still intact. Once the material has been removed it is much easier to see that the holes go all the way through the chair frame. If the cane material is still in place simply flip the chair over to see if the holes are on the underside of the chair. 

Back of a hand cane chair with hidden holes

Some hand caned chairs can be a little sneaky and try to hide what they really are. This is a hand caned chair with a piece of wood hiding a grove with contained the backside of the holes and the cane material. If you would like to have your chair hand caned instead of blind or French caned this piece of wood will need to be removed by you or a third party prior to having the chair woven by me. 

This piece of material and often the edges of the grove will be damaged when removed. 

Hand caned pieces come in all shapes and sizes sometimes complete with one or more flowing curves.

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