Caning Canada Woven Chair Repair
Cane, Rattan, Danish Cord, & Fibre Rush   

Save Your Woven Treasure

Expert Mid Century Modern Woven Furniture Repair, Caning Canada

Examples of furniture woven with binding cane

Binding cane or rattan is used to weave Danish Mid Century Modern furniture. 

Examples to the left are a magazine rack which sits under a table woven for Bex Vintage. Photographed on a Niels Møller Model 57 Armchair.

Top right photograph courtesy of  Louche Milieu of a Hans Olsen rocking chair rewoven by Caning Canada. 

Middle right Market Place find of a side table with a cane magazine rack.

Bottom right photo courtesy of Reclaim Vintage YYC caned back settee re woven by Caning Canada. 

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