Caning Canada Woven Chair Repair
Cane, Rattan, Danish Cord, & Fibre Rush   

Save Your Woven Treasure

Expert Pre-Woven Cane Chair Repair, Caning Canada

Showing the grove of pre woven cane chair

Pre-Woven Cane 

Pre-woven sheet cane is set into a routed-out groove on the top side of the chair, held in place with a reed spline, with no holes drilled in the framework.

Pre-woven cane comes in many different patterns and gauges.  

Other names for Pre-woven cane include cane webbing, pressed cane, pressed-in cane, machine cane, sheet cane and spline cane.

1/2" Open Mesh Pre-Woven Cane Chairs

Radio Weave Pre-Woven Cane

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