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How to Ship Chair Seats and Backs to Caning Canada

How to ship woven furniture
Chair Shipping

Most dining room chair seats or backs are removed by removing 4 screws, which screw up through a bottom or side of the frame and into the seat or back frame. Chairs seats and backs can then be sent by Canada Post for weaving and returned collect. Please contact me for details.

We now have a delivery address in Langley, BC.  Contact me for more details on shipping your seats and backs for weaving repair. 
How to ship woven furniture

These chair seats where sent by Canada Post to Caning Calgary and received in only two days. Canada Posts provides a great service which allows me to send your woven pieces back to you collect to include the cost of weaving and the return postage. They charge a small fee for this service and I will receive a cheque from Canada Post in about a months time for the return shipment and the weaving cost.  

If you are going to clean out the chair material prior to shipping the seats or backs to Caning Canada for weaving please note the following to ensure a proper fit the the newly woven piece back in the frame of the chair.

1. Please mark on the chair frame where the back of the seat is.

2. Please mark the bottom of the chair

3. Please check with me to ensure I have the photos I need to replace the woven seat in your chairs. 

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