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Fibre Rush Woven Chairs

Fibre rush is a durable one-ply, a twisted paper resembling real bull rushes.


Paper fibre or "fibre reed" was introduced when China had an embargo on rattan reed exportation.


Paper fibre became the substitute for natural rattan reed. Material is wrapped around the four dowels framing the square of a seat, creating four triangles.

Fibre Rush Chair Converted to Laced Danish Cord

If you're looking to modernize your fibre rush chairs consider our absolute favourite no-nail Danish cord option!

Fibre rush chair converted to no nail Danish cord seat

Care & Maintenance for Fibre Rush

Care and maintenance for fibre rush woven chairs are the same as the care and maintenance of Danish cord, as both materials are twisted paper. 


Caning Canada often converts rawhide chairs to fibre rush or Danish cord. They can easily accept Shaker tape as well. 

The French Canadian Cloverleaf chairs are hand-carved in Quebec and found woven in rawhide, seagrass, and fibre rush. Caning Canada doesn't offer leatherwork. We love to see these beautiful chairs restored using Danish cord, fibre rush, seagrass, or Shaker tape. The frame of the Cloverleaf and other ladder-back chairs are typically unobstructed, allowing the restoration material to suit the chair owner's taste.


Isn't it wonderful when an unobstructed frame offers the flexibility to accent many personal decors? I love it. 

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