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Caning Canada: A Year of Firsts and Future Ventures

Updated: Feb 14

2023 Was a Year of Firsts

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey that Caning Canada has embarked upon over the past year. This year has been filled with memorable firsts and exciting opportunities, and we couldn't be more grateful for the support we've received from our fantastic community. Join us as we look back at the highlights and share our plans for the future.

Early in 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting our first meet-up on Vancouver Island. It was a remarkable experience to connect with fellow vintage enthusiasts and receive overwhelming support from @CookStreetVintage and the local community.

Cook Street Vintage, Victoria BC
Cook Street Vintage, Victoria BC

We were thrilled to be able to provide our weaving services as a furniture weaver in an area. This was my first time on the Island, and we had the pleasure of sharing it with our son, who came for a visit.

This meet-up also paved the way for two more firsts on the island, as we had successful gatherings in Nanaimo and @MiddleBeachLodge in Tofino, thanks to the kind referrals from @prayformodern.

Spring brought us back to Calgary, where @bexvintage and @mansfieldvintage graciously hosted our meet-ups, and the support from @louchemilieu, @murphrys.midcentury, and @brassybeehive was heartwarming.

Bex Vintage  & Mr Mansfield, Calgary
Bex Vintage & Mr Mansfield, Calgary

Our journey continued to Winnipeg, where we had the pleasure of meeting the lovely @epocahaus before heading to Ottawa for a new adventure.

613 Flea Market, Ottawa
613 Flea Market, Ottawa

In Ottawa, we experienced another first at the vibrant @613flea market. This flea market provided an excellent platform for us to sell our beautifully restored vintage chairs and offer our weaving services. The support we received from the 613 Flea team was remarkable, and they even recommended us for an appearance on The CTV Morning Live show. Being able to showcase our weaving services on live television was a truly incredible experience.

We dedicated countless hours to redesigning our website between our various meet-ups and market appearances. We understand the importance of continuously improving and adapting, and this ongoing effort ensures that our online presence aligns with the high standards we set for ourselves.

Returning to Vancouver for the winter season is always a joyous occasion, and this year was no different. @mcmhome and @bydesign, who have been pillars of support from the beginning, welcomed us back with open arms. We were thrilled to participate in @vancouverfleamarket and even had a chance to be interviewed by @bychrischeung for an article in The Tyee. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase our Danish cord and cane weaving services.

Caning Canada article in The Tyee
Caning Canada article in The Tyee

Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to embark on more firsts and expand our reach further. Our plan includes organizing a meet-up in Kelowna via Merritt to bring our weaving services to the Okanagan region. Additionally, you'll be able to see our offerings in person at @vintage.assembly on February 4th at Heritage Hall on 3102 Main Street and @EastsideFlea on February 10th and 11th at 1101 Union Street.

At Caning Canada, we firmly believe in the value of expertly restored vintage chairs that can last for generations and contribute to the preservation of our environment. Alongside our beautifully restored pieces, we offer a wide range of weaving services, including Danish cord, seagrass, fibre rush, cane, rattan, and Shaker tape. We provide meet-ups to pick up and return weaving projects to outlying areas, ensuring convenience for our valued customers.

Furthermore, if you purchase a chair from our shop, we are happy to bring it to any of our meet-ups for your convenience. We strive to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Our plans for 2024 also involve spending the summer in Cochrane and offering meets in Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Red Deer.

We wanted to thank everyone for supporting our trade and lifestyle choices. We are so happy that we have shared a path with you!

Caning Canada
Caning Canada

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