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How to Ship Woven Chair Seats and Backs to Caning Canada for Weaving Repair

Weaving Truck

Seat weaving while RVing comes with its very own marketing challenges.


Folks relinquish their woven treasures into our hands through Canada Post or a meet-up at the local parking lot and trust us to meet them again with a beautifully restored piece.


Feeling a little naughty when you do a deal in a parking lot is okay.


Feeling a little reserved on your way to the post office is okay.


Check out our social media profiles and the reviews both individuals and vintage shops leave for us. 


Bring some peace to your mind and specialty weavers' love to your treasure. 

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Flex Delivery Saves the Day

 We love getting woven pieces mailed for weaving repair as it:

1. Provides access to a service that can't be found locally.


2. Extends the use and life of your family heirlooms and newly discovered treasures.


3. Keep chairs, couches, and tables out of our landfills.


4. Restoring or renewing an existing piece is a way of updating thrifty finds and hand-me-downs for another generation's use.

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Cesca surfaces mailed to Caning Canada for caning
Danish cord seats removed for mailing to Caning Canada

How to Remove Most Seats and Backs from the Frame

Most dining room chair seats, or backs, are fastened with four screws. 


​Once removed, the chairs, seats and backs can be sent by Canada Post for weaving and returned to you. 


It's best to mail pieces to us in the Vancouver area from mid-October to mid-March or Cochrane, AB, from early May to the end of September.


Contact me for more details on shipping your seats and backs for weaving repair. 

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