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Professional Seat Weavers


Your Vintage Chair Shop

A chair is only as good as its seat.

As artisan seat weavers, we can offer the most intricate weaving methods using multiple materials, including Danish cord, seagrass, fibre rush, cane, and Shaker tape. 


We've extensive experience restoring woven chairs, tables, daybeds, and even headboards for iconic designers.

Caning Canada and Vintage Chair Canada save woven treasures one piece at a time while travelling this beautiful Country in our RV.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality restoration and weaving services. Our experience as vintage furniture weavers and finishers uses traditional methods and high-quality materials to bring your vintage furniture back to life.


We are passionate about our craft and committed to providing the best customer experience.

Our Travel Schedule

Mid-October to Mid-April

Fort Langley, BC, with meets in Vancouver,

Victoria, and Nanaimo.

The next Vancouver meeting will likely be in late November / Early December once we have a full truck of weaving projects.

We are now booking our Nanaimo and Victoria meets, which will be around December 20th. 

We shop at the Costco in Abbotsford and can meet folks there on the monthly big shop day.

Mid-April to Mid-October 2024

Calgary, AB. If there's enough interest, we'll meet in Edmonton, Red Deer, and/or Lethbridge for weaving projects while in Cochrane.

Caning Canada with Weaving Samples

How Caning Canada Prices Weaving Projects

Rattan Weaving and Danish Cord Chair

Caning Canada wants to make the restoration of your woven family heirloom or newly discovered treasure obtainable.


Our pricing is based on the weaving style, the material used, and the attachment process, not the value of the woven piece you need to repair.

Samples of Caning Canada's Weaving Projects

Weaving Restoration Estimates

Chair 23 Restoration Review

For a furniture weaving repair estimate, please send a photo of your project to 

or text us at



showing the entire piece, the top and the bottom.

I will need your location and contact details for our booking list

Caning Canada's Weaving Materials

Mail Your Piece for Weaving

Hand woven cane weaving review

If you would like to mail your woven chair seats, backs, or shelves to Caning Canada for weaving repair, most chair seats and backs can be removed and posted to our winter site.


Check out our shipping page for more details.

Cesces surfaces mailed to Caning Canada for cane replacement
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